The Group’s purpose is to help  London Market organisations move the needle positively towards this new and reinvigorated workplace to the benefit of their employees, customers and shareholders. 

About Us

The objectives of the Working Group is to understand and record what we know and have learned from recent experience, consider the implications of this on future ways of working and identify what can be done today to plan for and develop the workplace of the future.

Our Services

We have a range of tools and techniques whilst working with you to understand, advise and collaborate on how to develop adaptive teams and strategies, by focusing on building better employee experience delivering a happier, engaged and productive workforce. More details on our approach can be found here.

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about our approach

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  1. Research: We are looking to conduct formal and informal research to better understand the expectations of the workforce, from which organisations may be most strongly directed to change

  2. Workshops and consultancy support: We are creating a series of validation workshops with senior executives to frame the topics for a more collaborative “safe” peer workshops where executives can hear and share observations on post-pandemic working, which will be followed up by execution and propositions to assist organisations in navigating the return phase. 

  3. Social enterprise: Leading ultimately to supporting this change with a new social enterprise business model that provides support and direction for maintaining an engaged and supported workplace for organisations in the City of London and beyond.