WELCOME To future insurance workplace thinking

aimed at businesses leaders that want to benefit post covid-19 

Today, the london insurance market is 

  • Going through accelerated and unprecedented change

  • Businesses need to understand the longer term implications

  • Understand the future operational impact

  • Deliver a plan for the workplace of the future, driven by employee engagement

  • Restate new values recognising the impact and changes post covid-19 

Organisations need to consider the competing expectations of shareholders, employees, customers and society at large, which have become amplified during this 'crisis'.

How can we help you

Supporting your businesses to pivot to a new and enhanced normal, we focus on a number of areas, including

agility &


Covid-19 has single handedly accelerated the need to be digital and connected as an imperative for businesses

organisational DESIGN

The office working model of centralised operations and functions, workers physically commuting in will be rethought.

leadership & engagement

Provide additional direction and operating frameworks that deliver the required support and engagement of a remote but connected workforce

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about our approach

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Utilising various techniques including

Discovery sessions, interactive workshops and

innovative organisational canvases


We help you develop adaptive teams and strategies to support them, by focusing on building better employee experience delivering a happier, engaged and productive workforce

We are an independent group of senior executives able to provide diversity of thought and perspectives as businesses plan post Covid-19

Meet The Team


Annette Andrews

  • LinkedIn

An experienced Chief People Officer, with deep knowledge and expertise across a broad remit in Human Resources - People and Culture are at the heart of the work I do.


Matt Carter

  • LinkedIn

A digital business enabler, designing and delivering technological change and enhanced capabilities, through a career centred around Insurance and software.


Mark Huxley

  • LinkedIn

A business strategist and mentor helping others ideate, innovate and  see their own  art of possible then creating the operational pathways to achieve them


Claire Koryczan

  • LinkedIn

An experienced, people-centred leader and business founder. Bridging the gap between technical and non-tech mindsets and the corporate / start-ups worlds


Des McCavitt

  • LinkedIn

An independent business advisor specialising in the London Insurance Market. I use my knowledge of products and working practices to deliver improvements in underwriting and operating performance.

Our Thinking ...